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Share Day 2022

St Damian's Waves

We invited pupils to embark on our Cruise Ship, ‘St Damian’s Waves’ and voyage across the water to various ports of call. Pupils were able to 'visit' places such as England, Ireland, Spain, France, Ibiza, Australia, Caribbean, Sweden and enjoy activities such as:

  • Trying their luck on the Rodeo Bull in Spain.

  • Surfing on the waves in Australia

  • Dancing to the tunes in Ibiza.

  • Enjoying the steel band music and cold drinks in the Caribbean.

  • Shooting basketball hoops in America.

  • Visiting the fairground in England.

  • Eating Pizza in Italy

Share Day was a resounding success, despite the unprecedented hot weather.  Our great pupils and staff embraced the spirit of our Share Day theme ‘St Damian’s Waves’.  Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our families, we were able to support our chosen charities by donating £2,000 each to Teenage Cancer Trust and Bowel Babe, £1,000 to The Christie, £500 each to Caritas and The Mayor’s Charity. 

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