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Faith in Action Award


The Faith in Action Award has been created to facilitate an exploration of scripture and Church teaching, with an emphasis on translating this into action. Please find a presentation with more information about the award here.

The programme rewards active service in schools and parishes, encouraging young people to take their service into the wider community and accept greater responsibility for their faith in action.

It encourages them to shine the light of faith upon their experience, reflecting upon how this shapes and moulds them as young people.

The Awarding authority is the Youth Office for the Diocese of Salford.

“The Faith in Action Award Scheme is a welcome encouragement to young people to actively develop their relationship with God, to deepen their faith and put that faith into action for the common good.

Its strength lies in inviting young people and adults in schools and parishes to journey together in faith and to make a difference in the world around them; so that all might know the joy of the Gospel.”

Bishop John Arnold

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