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Responsible Use of ICT

Through Computing lessons, PSHE lessons, form-time activities and ASPIRE Days, we aim to ensure that all pupils become independent, responsible and competent users of ICT.

We aim to:

  • Provide pupils with a range of ICT skills and that they know how to apply them effectively

  • Provide pupils with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to use the internet safely and responsibly

  • To equip pupils with strategies that they can use if they are not sure how to do something on a digital device

  • Enable pupils to recognize the social and moral issues that are associated with computer usage

  • Produce responsible, competent, confident and creative users of ICT

  • Make pupils aware of the laws surrounding the use of ICT


Through Computing and PSHE lessons we cover the following relevant topics:

  • Social media - The benefits and challenges and how to report issues.

  • Cyber bullying – How to behave appropriately online, where to get support

  • Sexting – What it is and real-life case studies including the legal aspect

  • Fake news – Recognising fake news and common techniques used in the media

  • Clickbait – What is clickbait and why does it exist

  • Cookies – What happens when you click the ‘accept’ button when first visiting a website

  • Personal information – the importance of keeping personal information private


PSHE Curriculum

The PSHE curriculum at St. Damian’s covers a range of issues that are integral to keeping our pupils safe online.

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Each year we promote Safer Internet Day with form time activities designed to engage pupils and allow them to reflect on how they use the internet.

As the internet continues to evolve, form time and particularly assemblies are an important means of educating pupils in the latest online issues. Form tutors and Heads of Year play an important role in safeguarding pupils with E-safety a common theme during pastoral time.

During recent ASPIRE Days, our year 9 pupils received a talk from eSafe Global and our year 8 pupils received E-safety advice from the police.


GMP Cybercrime Unit

Year 8 recently attended a webinar delivered by the Cybercrime unit at Greater Manchester Police. Pupils were given comprehensive advice on how to stay safe online which included high security password protection, privacy settings and protecting personal information. They also explored different types of cybercrime including sexting, cyber bullying, hate crime, misuse of social media and hacking, the laws in place and the consequences if the law is broken. The talk focused also highlighted how pupils could pursue future careers in computer-coding and consider an apprenticeship at different levels of entry in the cybercrime unit.

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