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School Chapel


Our chapel has been central for St. Damian’s since the design of our school building. The school is built in cruciform shape, the shape of a cross from a birds eye view, with the chapel at the very heart of the building. The Chapel is also at the very heart of the St. Damian’s way this is because Jesus is present truly in the Blessed sacrament that is kept in our tabernacle with thanks to the Bishop of Salford for granting us this privilege.  

The Chapel is used on a daily basis for Chapel Assemblies, Special Liturgical prayer service led by the GIFT team and is always open for private prayer and reflection for all member of our community.  

We have recently made special additions to our sacred space. We have introduced new stained glass windows that flood the chapel with colour, alongside additional ICT to incorporate music and make prayer and worship inclusive for all.  

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