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Year 7 'First Impressions'


St Edwards RC Primary School

All the teachers are really kind and nice and will always give you help when you need it! - Niamh O'Connor

Being here now is good because of the diversity of things you do in each subject. - Lewis Cullen

The school is really good, its brilliant and I'm enjoying learning. - Rebecca Hall

I think St Damian's is great. The teachers are kind and helpful. - Elle Milne

It is a really good school: you will really enjoy it. - Brogan Slicker

Is this a good school or a great school? It is great. - Daniel Hallas

St Christopher's RC Primary School

I'm loving the school and everyone here. - Sophie Quigley

I very much enjoy school and think it’s a great school. - Thomas Pollitt

The lessons are more interesting and the teachers are friendly. - Niall Hodson

St Damian's is a great school, the teachers are awesome and it blew way past my expectations. - Cleyean Suarez

I have really enjoyed being here at St Damian's. My form tutor is very supportive and understanding. - Freya Healey

I have really enjoyed St Damian's because I have made lots of new friends and I have learnt a lot of new things. - Hannah Lewandawski

It is a great school. I have a great form tutor and great teachers. - Ronnie Ellison-Walsh

I have found St Damian's excellent because I have made new friends and the teaching is great. - Nathan Greenhalgh

I thought the school was really good because it was big and I liked the new building.  I made friends very easily because it is a friendly school. - Mackenzie Crank

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

I have liked how everyone has been friendly and welcoming. - Freya Loughlin

I initially thought that this school had all the essentials of a good school. It actually was better. - Gerald Herman

There are a lot of kind teachers who always give support if you are stuck. - Rhys Gorman

I made new friends and I feel like I have never been to anyother school. - Bethany Lea

Year 7 is really good. Nobody is bullied. If there is a problem the Head of Year will sort it out. - Patryk Marzec

St Damian's has been a whirlwind of emotions: starting was scary but now it feels like I have been here for years. - Denver Pollit

I learn lots of new skills especially in Maths and Science. - Josef Crompton

WOW. My first impressions of St Damian's was so good and all the teachers were kind. - Jacob VanWeerenburg

Since September I have found St Damian's an amazing experience, and cannot wait for a better future. - Sophie Atkinson

The teachers are always there to help and the school year has been great. - Mia Corcoran

The school looked so big and scary, but it was surprisingly easy to navigate and I love it. - Connor Houghton

The community of St Damian's welcomed me and helped me settle down. - Wiktor Weiher

St Anne's RC Primary School

This is a great school and I am happy to be here. - Blayne Agard

I was told St Damian's was a wonderful school and when I first came it was true: it is a wonderful school. - Humah Sheraz

I have met lots of new friends. - Ashley Jones

There are lots of new subjects for you to learn. Also I go to make new friends. - Caitlin Dawson

I think the school is good because it's fun and I get to seemy friends. - Kieran Kozyra

It was an extremely big place to learn at, but I could notwait to go on to the mugger for the first time. Now I feel in the big pack of ST DAMIAN'S CRUW.  - Dalziel Hayes

This school when I first started was a kind and gentle school it still is.  It's big but you can easily find help if you get lost the people and teachers are kind, caring and thoughtful. - Holly Kozyra

When I first started St Damian's I was really nervous about the travelling.  As soon as I came I noticed that everyone was going through the stage I was.  No one needs to worry because if you get lost a pupil or a number of staff will help you find your way. - Ciara Martin

Holy Rosary RC Primary School

I think St Damian's is great because it helps me show case my talents. - Elise Broadbent

I imagined that it would be hard to make new friends.  It's the complete opposite !  St Damian's isn't just a good school it's agreat school. - Grace Kenney

When I first started at St Damian's I made sure I found my primary school friends ! this really helped build my confidence!  By the first week you know where to go, it's not that bad. - Poppy Motteram-Tunney

St Peter's RC Primary School

Everyone is really friendly. If you need help, ask a prefect or a teacher. - Daniel Howard

The teachers were very nice. - Thomas Astbury

It is a fantastic school. - Millie Astbury

It is a brilliant and supportive school and coming here was the best choice I ever made. - Jessica Finan

St Damian’s is a wonderful place. It is challenging and fun at the same time,

It is the best school you could hope to go to. - Maise Blewitt

The first thing I felt when I came to St Damian's was that it was a great Community. - Ciara Hodson

I think that you couldn't get a better education. The teachers and older pupils are very nice and helpful. - Kiera Gallagher

I have found St Damian's so far amazing, it has been a great experience and I am proud to be part of this school. - Jaime Lowe

When I first started at this school I was really nervous and scared, but now I have got to know the school I have come to enjoy being here and making new friends. - Jasmine Miller

At first everything was big, even some of the pupils, but everyone was friendly and nice.  The best thing about St Damian's is that we have a very funny headmaster and every Friday we have chips ! with chips/beans/tomato ketchup/ fish ! yummy ! - Ciara Spencer-Hardman

The teachers were ever so nice, they helped whatever the problem was. The pupils always give a smile to make your day. I love St Damian’s and I always will. - Isabel San Jose

My first impressions of year 7 were good. The building is new and stylish and the staff are kind and supportive. They push you to your limit to get the best out of you for your learning and your future. I think it is the best school ever ! - Joseph Taylor

St Thomas Leesfield

I have tonnes of friends for guidance and help and settled in really well. - Tommy Singleton 

St Joseph's RC Primary School

I feel settled here at St Damian's and enjoying it. - Neve Smith

I have been told before I went to St Damian's that it was amazing by my parents and it is. - Faye Wilson

St Damian's is a really good school. - Joe Logan

One aspect I am not so keen on is homework and now I do it the night I get it but I had to learn that the hard way. - Paddy Tallents

I think its brilliant I have made lots of new friends and in my opinion St Damian's is better than St Josephs.  I am learning well and I hope the school stays the same because it's brilliant. - Yves Pollard

When I first started at St Damian's I loved it !  I made new friends really easily and enjoyed each day. - Lydia Smith

St Theresa's RC Primary School

I think St Damian's is a great school and you won't forget it when you come!  - Lucy Wells

Personally I thought that St Damian's was a really good school and it is! - Hollie Kenny

I love all the teachers, they are very funny. I am sure you will enjoy St Damian's. - Maya McGinn

St Stephen's RC Primary School

St Damian's is fantastic and is a very close Community full of  friendly people. - Georgia Eastham

Teachers are very nice and will help you out if you are in trouble. - Sue-Ange Azinwi

I think it's an amazing school, I love being in 7T and I love being at this school. - Jack Connor

I think it's a great school. - Michael Seabright

I have a really good form tutor. - Thomas Dargan

I think that people that are yet to come here will really enjoy it. - Michaela Scoffin

It was nerve-wracking but as the weeks went along I began to feel comfortable from how supportive the teachers and other pupils were. - Hannah Roche

You will enjoy the classes, they are fun but at the same time challenging. - Samantha O’'Connor

St Damian's is very friendly. - Colin Hornsby

I was really nervous but there isn't anything to be nervous about: everyone is nice and welcoming. - Leigh Jennings

I have found St Damian's an exciting experience so far because is a very good school to come to every morning. - Olivia Higham

I thought that it was a good school because I have learnt lots of new things in maths, science, RE, Art Music etc. - Brandon Higham

I think my St Damian's experience has been good because of the extra-curricular activities like sports and choir. - Patricia Swaray-Kella

St Damian's is a really good school.  No great. It's a great school.  My first impression of St Damian's is that its friendly, caring and the teachers are really supportive.  You can make new friends easily, because kind, helpful students attend the school.  Enjoy the time you have in St Damian's because it is one of the best secondary schools you will ever go to. - Natasha Jackson

I was worried that I wouldn't remember where my classes were.  However, there was always a teacher that would help me and advise me where to go.  The teachers were understanding and made the classes fun.  St Damian's is a great school, I learn new things every day and that's from the wonderful teachers. St Damian's welcomes anyone and everyone, I would recommend St Damian's to any year 6. - Hannah-Leigh Wightman

St Damian's is not a good school, it's a great school. At first I thought that the school smelt a bit funny. The teachers are very nice and the school has great facilities and is a brilliant school and the best Headteacher in the world. - Mitchel Dootson

Milton St John, Church of England School

My impressions of St Damian's are really good, made lots offriends and facilities are really good. - Alex Wild

I feel good at St Damian's and everyone is friendly. - Mia McGlynn


Alt Primary School

My favourite subject is Drama because I love acting stuff out. - Courtney Burns

Rosehill Methodist Community Primary School

St Damian's is a really good school. I like every teacher that has taught me. - Rhumaiysa Messaoud

From the start until now it is AMAZING. It is not a good school, it's a great school. - Emmanuel Moyo


St Raphael's RC Primary School

I had problems at first but in the end they got sorted with the help of my teachers. - Ella Lewis

Hurst Knoll Primary School

I enjoy really everything in St Damian's. - Mateusz Czaska

The lessons are really fun and knowing all this new stuff is really great. One bad thing is the homework! - Toni Ryan

Holden Clough

All my friends went to different high schools to me. But it was so easy to make friends. - Lucie Nield

Your problems are solved by teachers very easily and quickly. - Daniyal Quereshi

Starting my new school in September was fabulous. I never knew that school could be so fun. - Aimee Stanley

I have never looked back after going to St Damian's. - Lauren Stanley

Broadoak Primary School

I only had one primary school friend who came with me so I had someone, but now I have made friends, also friends with the school. - Charlie Nathaniel

Cannon Burrows School

When I first saw St Damian's, I thought it's a fresh start, a fresh school.  Everyone seemed kind and willing to help, that made me feel even more welcome.  The teachers were eager to get to know all of us, it was great.  The school community treated me with care as if I had been there for ages. - Jemima Wright

When I came to St Damian's I was scared and excited.  I found out that the food was amazing and delicious.  I made a friend quickly and then found more friends along the way. Your first year here goes quickly. St Damian's welcomes you. - Christopher Wedge

Waterloo Primary School

St Damian's is an amazing school. Especially the teachers.  When the first time I came here, I felt lost, however the teachers have helped me to get around the school. I felt nervous, happy and excited. - Weronika Sara

This school made me feel welcome. - Matthew Godleman

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