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Parent Online Payments

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At St Damian’s we offer a 'cashless' payment services for catering, school enrichment activities and School Online Shop to enable us to deliver a more efficient, faster service.

School Meals, School Enrichment Activities and School Online Shop

For your convenience you can ‘top up’ your child’s school meal account, pay for school trips and purchase from our School Online Shop by registering with Iris Parent Mail.

You can use your Debit/Credit card to make online payments whenever it’s convenient to you (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). 


Iris Parent Mail enables parents to keep up-to-date with their child’s school meal balance and alerts them when a new item is available to pay for. Parent will also receive automatic reminders when a school meal balance needs topping up or an instalment is due to be paid. Signing up to Parent Mail means that you can view your child’s purchases, and If you have more than one child attending St Damian’s these will both appear under one login.


It is important that you sign up to Iris Parent Mail or apply for a Parent Mail PayPoint Card, as this is the only way in which to top up school dinner money, pay for Trips or purchase from Schools Online Shop.

How to Sign Up to Iris Parent Mail

For further information on how to sign up to Parent Mail please contact the school on;

Tel: 0161 330 5974 or Email:

If you do not have internet or access to a computer you can apply for a Parent Mail Card, Please contact school on 0161 330 5974 and request a PayPoint Card.

How it Works - Parent Mail provides a unique bar code for each product, which schools can give to parents to take to the Post Office or any shop with PayPoint, where they can use their preferred payment method. Please allow upto 3 hours for the Money to appear on your child’s dinner money account, to pay for School Trips or purchases from the Online Shop.

How to Use - Please present them at your nearest PayPoint counter, where you decide the amount you would like to pay. You will always receive a receipt as proof of payment.


To 'Sign in' or for more information, please click on the 'Parent Mail' logo below;


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Iris parent main logo.png
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