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STEM Leaders

“Learning is all about inspiration. When you are fascinated by something you want to learn more about it’.

Felix Ohswald, CEO, GoStudent


Who we are

Y10 pupils are keen to apply for and take on the prestigious role of STEM Leaders each year. Pupils come from a range of backgrounds and abilities and are eager to represent STEM in a range of initiatives around the school, willingly giving up their free time to do so. Pupils proudly wear their red ties and attend weekly meetings in the Science Hub during Tuesday lunchtimes bringing with them their love and enthusiasm for Science.

STEM Leaders

Throughout the year, STEM Leaders engage with activities which spark an interest and appetite for science, technology, engineering and maths. As pupil leaders, they are role models who inspire, lead and mentor their peers through the creation and delivery of STEM activities, events and interactions within school. STEM leaders create weekly STEM quizzes for year 10 form time which have included real-life science events and physics questions on a superhero theme. These events encourage other pupils to learn about the world around them in a fun and engaging way.


STEM Skills

STEM Leaders also develop important leadership, communication and employability skills, which will hopefully motivate them to eventually embark on a range of careers in STEM. They meet weekly to discuss STEM developments both in the classroom and the wider world. In addition, they develop invaluable investigative planning and practical skills. They also support the uptake and encouragement of STEM based options around the school.

Recent Activities

Recent activities have included Flame tests, KS3 homework support, Friday STEM quizzes and making Chemistrees. Activities such as the Chemistree, posted on Twitter, have impressed ‘All About STEM’, an organisation  who promote collaborative work between schools and businesses right across the North West & STEMLearningUK who work at national level.

Academic Research Articles

The reading and discussion of academic research articles from the ‘New Scientist’ & ‘Focus’ magazines has opened up a new world of discovery and intrigue from the latest innovations in health to the mysteries of quantum physics, the intricacies of the human mind to the future of artificial intelligence, the Covid-19 pandemic to the latest innovations in space. The world of science is limitless.



National Science Week

National Science Week takes place each year in March. Each year pupils are delighted by dry ice experiments and the making of comets alongside another of other experiments. This year the STEM club are planning on leading a charity-based paper aeroplane competition in the gym, where STEM leaders will host, direct and measure the distance travelled by participants’ aerodynamic creations.

 A year 9 competition will also be launched where pupils will take part in the UK’s top STEM competition. This is aimed at getting pupils to think independently about issues they are passionate about or developing solutions to challenges they have come across in their own lives by doing a project for ‘The Big Bang’. STEM leaders will also be judging the Science projects and prizes awarded.

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