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Social Activities [SEND]


Social Activities

Our SEND Department runs a wide variety of clubs for pupils at lunchtime and actively encourages them to engage in extra-curricular activities. Clubs are fully inclusive and welcome pupils of all ages, skills and interests. The lunchtime clubs create a positive and supportive environment for all pupils without exception. They promote positive relationships, active engagement, and wellbeing for all pupils.

Pupils are welcomed into a safe, warm and nurturing environment where pupils are able to relax and interact in small groups and spend time with the adults that they know and trust. Over time, friendships grow, self-confidence increases and pupils feel happy, loved and cared for.

Time spent in the clubs assists with personal development and helps promote positive personal, social and emotional well-being, increases self-esteem and supports good communication skills. Pupils are empowered to make choices and thrive; they can either try out something new or play to their strengths. The most important aspect is that pupils feel valued, have fun and enjoy a sense of achievement.

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Image by George Pagan III

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