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Debate Club


"The truth is not always the same as the majority decision"

                                                                           St. John Paul II


On Friday lunchtimes, Mr Gregory hosts the highly popular Year 10 Debate Club where pupils are invited to skilfully present the various pros and cons of contentious issues that are emotive and close to their hearts. In doing so, pupils prepare compelling arguments designed to gain the support and backing of others. This pupil- led initiative has seen heated debates on topical issues such as ‘Socialism v Capitalism’ and ‘Should vaccinations be mandatory?’.


The aim of Debate Club is not only to prepare St. Damian's pupils to be the young leaders of the future, but it also gives our pupils a vital opportunity to articulate their own research-based opinions, to be quick thinking and to show empathy and self-control. Pupils also develop key presentation and public speaking skills that will give them the edge in their later lives. In essence, Debate Club is an incredible vehicle for St. Damian's pupils to develop a whole range of important transferable skills including communication, self confidence and resilience.



As well as having fun, Debate Club broadens pupils' general knowledge and explores many topical issues that may not be covered in regular curriculum subjects, whilst giving pupils a better appreciation of diverse perspectives.  Most importantly, at St. Damian's we encourage our pupils to respect other people’s opinions even if they may not necessarily match their own.


Debate Club runs Friday Lunchtimes in Room 27 at 1:45pm. All are welcome.

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