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Sport & Health-Related Exercise at St. Damian’s


St Damian’s PE Faculty has a strong reputation for competitive sport with an impressive range of accolades and achievements by pupils, whilst at the same time providing a stimulating and enjoyable experience which nurtures an appreciation of the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle and where pupils are empowered to develop a life-long love of physical activity and sport.


Benefits of Sport at St. Damian’s


Participation in sport at St. Damian’s encourages pupils to develop personal qualities of commitment, fairness and enthusiasm and an appreciation of honest competition and good sportsmanship. The emphasis on personal improvement builds self-confidence as pupils overcome personal challenges and enjoy success.


Sport allows St. Damian’s pupils to develop essential life skills including interpersonal skills (organisation, co-operation, initiative and responsibility) teamwork, leadership qualities, punctuality, self-assessment, health and safety and personal hygiene. At St. Damian’s we also encourage pupils to accurately evaluate their own and others’ performance in order to support improvements as well as promote tolerance of and respect for others.


Sports Facilities


We are exceptionally fortunate at St Damian’s to enjoy a range of high quality indoor and outdoor PE facilities ranging from a large sports hall, gym and a multi-use games area [MUGA] to an Astroturf, football field and athletics track. Our pupils appreciate and respect the need to maintain the facilities in their school community to a high standard and ensure equipment and working spaces are well looked after and valued.  


Sporting Opportunities


St Damian’s work collaboratively with the Tameside Schools PE Association and Tameside School Sport Partnership to provide excellent opportunities for our pupils to complete in a range of sports including Football, Netball, Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Athletics, Volleyball and Basketball.  Our extra-curricular provision benefits pupils’ social, moral, and emotional wellbeing through leadership opportunities, building relationship with peers and staff and celebrating individual and team achievements.


Sports Teams


Our sports teams are true ambassadors for the school and epitomise the ‘St Damian’s Way’.  They represent the school in competitions across Tameside and Greater Manchester with enormous pride and exceptional commitment. Their exemplary behaviour during competitions reflects the essential Olympic values of determination, equality, respect, friendship, inspiration, excellent and courage.


PE staff continually role model the Olympic values and work hard to ensure these are reflected in our pupils’ character during lessons and extra-curricular activities.


Sport at KS4

St Damian’s delivers the Pearson Level 1 and 2 Technical Award in Sport. During both practical and theory lessons, pupils are taught to become responsible and independent learners alongside gaining invaluable experience in leading others and taking responsibilities for group work.


Core PE


KS4 Core PE is delivered to all pupils. Staff work hard to cultivate an appreciation of both the physical and mental health benefits of physical activity and sport. Engagement, enjoyment and choice are at the heart of KS4 Core PE.


Inspire Awards


At the most recent Tameside School Sport Inspire Awards, St Damian’s were awarded for their commitment to Sport and PE in the following categories:


1. Innovation in Physical Education Award 

2. Teacher Impact Award

3. School of the Year


Tameside PE Association


Our Head of PE, Ms M Guilfoyle, is the secretary of the Tameside PE Association Committee. She works closely with the Chair, Treasurer, and the School Games Organiser to drive PE and School Sport in Tameside towards outstanding through high quality competition, staff CPD and sharing good practice.


Sporting Successes


St Damian’s continue to enjoy sporting success in boys and girls’ football, netball, cross country and athletics. Our sports team and individual athletes compete in borough wide competitions alongside Greater Manchester events.

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