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Pastoral Themes


Pastoral themes support the personal development of all pupils in years 7 -10 and complement the PSHE curriculum ensuring that pupils are being educated on ‘staying safe’ and becoming good citizens. This academic year, our chosen themes are:  

  • Being Independent; Learning & Conduct (BV = Responsibility)

  • Community- A sense of belonging (BV = Law/ Responsibility/ Liberty + Catholic Ethos)

  • Personal happiness and Healthy minds (BV = Liberty/ Responsibility/ Respect)

  • Caring for our environment (BV = Responsibility + Stewardship)

  • Celebrating diversity - a school free from prejudice and discrimination (BV= Tolerance/ Liberty + Catholic Ethos)

  • Healthy Bodies (BV = Responsibility/ Liberty + valuing our unique make up in the image and likeness of God)

With the support of their elected Form Captains and Vice Captains, Form Tutors discuss the ‘Themes’ with their form groups on the designated day of the week. Form groups have the freedom to determine how they celebrate the outcome of each pastoral theme. Some form groups support the Form Captains in delivering a presentation, others produce a power-point and many carry out some research with regards to the pastoral theme that half term.

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