"A school without music is like a body without a soul"

                                                                             St. John Bosco


Musical Theatre Club

Musical Theatre is a collaborative venture between Music and Drama and is available for all years on Tuesdays after school in the main hall. Pupils learn how to sing, act and dance as part of a group. This group aims to achieve an interest in all performing arts with the emphasis on performance. Pupils have the opportunity to learn new material, develop a love for musical theatre and make friends with a shared passion.


Key Stage 3 Choir

Choir is a popular extra-curricular activity which runs on Thursday evenings after school in the main hall. Pupils learn how to sing different types of repertoires, perfect their personal singing skills and learn how to sing as an ensemble. The most recent accomplishments include the Year 7 Welcome Mass and a starring role in the Christmas nativity concert.


Year 7 Band

Year 7 Band is an exclusive band for anyone who can play an instrument in year 7. It also provides a strong foundation to support a pupil's future instrumental development. They also gain experience of playing in a group and can use the band as a platform to be part of the music department in future years. This group rehearses after school on Mondays in the Music room.


Music Tech Club

Lunch time Music Tech Club is a group which pupils can access every lunch time in R19. Pupils are able to experiment with a Digital Audio Workstation and create some music of their own or rearrange existing tracks. Pupils learn valuable creative thinking skills, compositional skills as well as how to experiment with music in a free and relaxed environment.