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Welcome to Year 11

Mrs V Harrison - Head of Year
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Year 11 is an extremely important year for your child.

The Year 11 Pastoral team are dedicated to supporting both the well being and academic progress of your child. We monitor your child's attendance, attainment and attitude to learning throughout the year so that they may achieve their full potential. We encourage you to work closely in partnership with us and ask that this regular communication is maintained through the weekly signing of your child's log book.


The Pastoral Team for Year 11 is:

Mrs V Harrison - Head of Year 11


Form Tutors:

  • Mr D Healey (11DHY)

  • Mr D Wilson (11DWN)

  • Miss O Price (11OPE)

  • Mrs R Turbatu (11RTU)

  • Mr M Jones (11MJS)

  • Mrs S Butterworth (11SBH)

  • Miss S Smith (11SSH)


Year 11 Form Tutors are your first point of contact with school, regarding pastoral and progress issues.

      Letter to year 11 parents - 08.01.2024

       College Open days letter - 2023/24

       RE independent learning schedule

Also we have our CHEMISTRY BLOG which is available for Year 11 Separate Science Chemistry and also Additional Science.

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