Staff List 

Senior Leadership Team  



Deputy Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher 

Assistant Headteacher

Assistant Headteacher

Business Manager


Teaching Staff     

Religious Education






Creative Technologies


Learning Support







Mrs M Gerschler

Mrs E Allmand

Miss N Bury

Miss N Holland 

Mrs R Turbatu

Mrs S Butterworth

Mrs S Heenan

Ms S Beeley 

Miss J Hughes 

Ms J Lamb

Miss H Jameel

Mr M Tuck 

Mr P Greenall

Miss A Ali

Mr B Willerton 

Mrs E Marshall

Mr D Wilson 

Mr M Jones 

Miss O Price

Dr. N O’Boyle

Mrs A Baynham

Miss S Brumby

Miss A Hogan

Dr. N Robinson

Mrs A Perret-Hall

Mr N Spencer

Mr A Hallsworth

Miss R James

Mrs S D'Rozario 

Mr J Doughty

Mr A McHugh

Miss L Reid

Mrs H Taylor

Mr L Gregory 

Mr C Stoneley

Mrs C Walker

Mrs S Sutton

Miss S Stoneley

Miss S Smith

Miss J Lucas 

Miss M Guilfoyle

Mr S Burtles

Mr K Fay 





Subject Leader, R.E

Lead Teacher, R.E

Subject Leader, English

Lead Teacher, i/c KS4 (9, 10)

Literacy Lead 

Subject Leader, Maths

Lead Teacher, Numeracy

Acting Head of Year 10

Year 9 & 10 Raising Attainment, Numeracy Co-Ordinator

Year 7 & 8 Raising Attainment, Numeracy Co-Ordinator

Subject Leader, Science

Lead Teacher; Separate Sci. Leader & STEM Link

KS3 Leader

Literacy Co-Ordinator

Head of Year 


Subject Leader, Creative Technologies

Lead Teacher, Art

Head of Year 8

Music Teacher


Subject Leader, History

Subject Leader, Geography

Subject Leader, PSHE



Subject Leader, M.F.L

Head of Year 7

Subject Leader P.E

Head of Year 11

Head of Year 9

Mrs J Biggs

Mrs S Maxwell

Mrs M Jinks

Mr J Maxwell

Mr L Bentley

Mrs J Greenhalgh

Mrs D McEvoy

Mrs A Forbes

Mrs B Mattison

Miss A Mistry

Mrs V Harrison

Mrs S Hunter

Miss M Yates

Ms S Rowlinson

Miss J Danko

Ms N Weightman

Mrs B Burrows

Ms S Mouallem

Mr M Wardle

Miss L Brindle

Mrs C Shaw

Miss N Gardiner

Miss E Walthew

Miss G Bancroft

Miss N Whalley

Mrs N Hartshorne

Ms S Toole

Mrs M Stonehewer

Mrs M Dawson

Mr M Chadwick

Mr S Logue 

Mrs M Henshaw 

Mrs S Kelly 

Ms M Joyce 

Mrs F Brophy 

Mrs A Ogden 

Support Staff 

P.A to the Headteacher

Finance Officer

Exams Manager

ICT Service Delivery Manager

ICT Network Technician

Attendance Officer

Data Manager

Data Analyst


Receptionist & Reprographics

Student Support Officer

Student Support Officer

Special Support Manager

Ambrose Manager

Learning Support Assistant

Learning Support Assistant

Learning Support Assistant

Learning Support Assistant

Learning Support Assistant

Learning Support Assistant

Learning Support Assistant

Learning Support Assistant

Learning Support Assistant

Creative Technologies Technician

Creative Technologies Technician

Science Lab Manager


Lunchtime Support

Lunchtime Support

Lunchtime Support