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Social Club


Social Club provides a space for pupils to develop their social skills, make friends and have the opportunity to interact with other year groups in a safe and welcoming environment. Pupils in the club always uphold our number one rule of respect.

Pupils can come in to ‘chat’ with each other or take part in a variety of games on the interactive board. Pictionary, Hangman and Noughts and Crosses are popular. Occasionally, we divide into teams and have quizzes. Some pupils also like to complete homework, or do some revision in this time, or simply do some colouring or drawing.


Social Club provides a space for children to build their confidence, especially those who may feel a little overwhelmed with the wider school environment. It takes place every afternoon from 1.50pm in Room 5. Social Club is very popular with Year 7 children but we do have some Year 9s who drop in regularly. All are welcome.

It is rewarding to see how pupils grow in confidence after starting their secondary school life and how welcoming and friendly they are to each other, and to anyone visiting Social Club for the first time. There is a wonderful camaraderie, and it is heart-warming to witness how happy they are to see each other every day.

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