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Modern Foreign Languages


Mrs S Sutton
Subject Leader

The MFL Department 

Miss J Lucas

Miss S Smith

Mrs S Forde

We strongly believe that the study of foreign languages fosters pupils’ interest in the wider world and encourages their acceptance of other cultures. As a catholic school, we want to promote tolerance towards others, and building an open-mindedness towards other cultures is at the heart of this mission.

By learning a foreign language, pupils develop and strengthen literacy skills, which are at the root of all learning. Using key grammatical terms, recognising language patterns and understanding the different purposes of languages are all transferable skills which will help pupils be successful across the curriculum.

We aim:

  • To produce enthusiastic, resilient and life-long learners of languages.

  • To provide pupils with linguistic competences that allows them to transition to KS5 language learning.

  • To instil linguistic knowledge which improves pupils’ understanding of their own language, by making comparisons rather than judgements.

  • To develop pupil’s cultural capital by extending their knowledge and curiosity for other cultures thus appreciating diversity.

  • To stimulate pupils’ learning by using a variety of teaching strategies.

  • To encourage pupils’ interest in learning to speak a language other than English.

  • To create competent linguists able to reflect on language and its relevance and importance in today’s world.

Curriculum Overviews 

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

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