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Measuring the Impact


Measuring the Impact of the Careers Curriculum


How the School measures & assesses the impact of the careers programme on pupils [Sept 2020-21]

  • The school is using the ‘Compass evaluation tool’ to assess ongoing progress in relation to the eight Gatsby Benchmarks.

  • The school has a ‘Careers Plan’ in place to track progress in relation to this year's priorities and the eight Gatsby Benchmarks.

  • The ‘Careers Plan’ is reviewed termly.

The following steps are in place to evaluate the effectiveness of its careers programme each year.

The evaluation cycle involves:

1. Review of the objectives of the programme with a focus on outcomes for learners & assessing if the objectives have been met

2. Focus on the delivery of the programme and evidence of impact on pupils

3. Using feedback to adapting the programme to continuously improve it so it meets the objectives

The evaluation also involves looking at a range of evidence such as:

  • attainment

  • progress

  • options pathways

  • destinations data

  • feedback from students e.g. their understanding of different careers and pathways

Feedback from other stakeholders includes:

  • parents/carers

  • teachers

  • governors

  • employers

An outline of the evaluation schedule is as follows:

Are we making the best use of the resources we have allocated for careers work? (Termly)

  • The effectiveness of different guidance interventions, e.g. one-to one interviews, small group work, drop-in sessions

Are we optimising students’ learning from the careers programme? (Oct/July)

  • Evaluation of ASPIRE Days

  • The learning outcomes achieved at the end of KS3 & KS4

How well are students succeeding in taking the next steps in their education, training or employment that are ‘right for them’? (March/Nov)

  • The effectiveness of the Year 9 options process

  • The destinations achieved at the end of KS4 e.g. Moving On Report, ASP

The school’s next review of the Careers information published is: September 2021.

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