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Mrs R Turbatu
Subject Leader

  • To embed an innovative, imaginative and rigorous curriculum which delivers the critical knowledge and skills required, for both English Language and English Literature

  • To ensure all abilities, regardless of KS2 starting points, develop an enthusiasm and passion for these subjects

  • To incorporate teaching and learning materials and resources which contribute to increasing the Cultural Capital of each individual child, regardless of social and economic background

  • To develop confidence and fluency in oral communication

  • To read fluently and with good understanding, both for meaning and for pleasure

  • To acquire a wide vocabulary and an understanding of grammatical and linguistic conventions

  • To appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage

  • To write clearly, accurately and coherently, both for a specific purpose and for pleasure

The English Department 

Mrs S Butterworth

Ms S Beeley

Mrs S Heenan 

Miss J Hughes 

Miss H Jameel

Ms J Lamb

Curriculum Overviews 

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

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