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Alumni - Career Talks


Hearing what our alumni have gone on to do in their careers and life after St Damian's is a great inspiration for pupils. It complements our careers programme, provides insight and real-life experiences of a variety of employment sectors. Your experiences can make a real difference to pupils who are unsure which career path might be right for them or how to get into the field you work in.

Career Talks on a variety of topics are delivered on ASPIRE Days in October and July each year. Recently, Alumni Career Talks have included an Engineering apprenticeship with Rolls Royce & working in Performing Arts.

Time: 1 hour

Group size: Can be negotiated. Ideally a group of 32 pupils or a whole year group *up to around 160 pupils.

Suggested Format for Careers Talks:

Talk - 15 minutes

  • ​Your own pathway though education / work & training

  • Qualifications needed

  • Experience of working in the industry

  • The varied roles and responsibilities in the company, structure of the organisation

  • The different ways you work with clients

  • Key employ-ability skills needed

  • How people work together as a team - qualities needed

  • Working hours & holidays

  • Health & Safety

  • A typical working day

  • The challenges of the job

  • Your favourite part(s) of the job

  • Key advice to pupils about to do their GCSEs - the value of working hard / qualifications / high aspirations / motivation / self-belief / showing initiative etc.

  • Best way into the industry for pupils thinking about it.

The talk could include Power-point presentation / Video resources.

Task / Challenge - 20 minutes

  • Pupils work in groups and are given an activity / competitive task to do

Pupil Feedback - 10 minutes

  • Pupils give feedback

Pupil Questions - 10 minutes

  • Question & Answer session

Pupil Reflection - 5 minutes

  • Pupils reflect on learning. Skills & Qualities needed.

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