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Teaching & Learning 


Teachers ‘Teaching and Learning’ Forum

The College is committed to ensuring that the pupils of St. Damian's are provided with consistently high quality learning experiences that lead to high levels of pupil achievement. Over the last eighteen months the College has implemented a rigorous 'Whole School INSET' programme to ensure that the 'teaching and learning' of our pupils is improving continuously. In the final OFSTED report March 2012 it was recognised that an increasing amount of teaching was good or outstanding.

Teachers 'Teaching and Learning' Forum: established in September 2011 has provided ongoing opportunities for colleagues to share good practice in order to facilitate the further improvement of 'Learning and Teaching' in the College

Pupil Learning Forum

We are a small group of Key Stage Four pupils who meet regularly throughout the school year and work collaboratively with the staff to share the opinions and ideas of all members of our community. Our main aim is to ensure that every pupil at St Damian’s has the opportunity to learn and make progress in their individual subjects so that they are successful academically and well prepared for their future.

Currently we are ensuring that every pupil understands the College assessment, literacy and presentation policies, we are doing this by meeting with each year group and presenting to them in assemblies.

We are also working with our teachers to help make sure that we are all engaged in our learning and making progress at a rate that allows us to achieve as individuals, to do this we are voicing the student’s needs and explaining learning from a pupil’s perspective.

As the academic year progresses we will be involved in a variety of activities and we will share our ideas and outcomes with you through the website and college newsletters. In the meantime we will strive to serve our community and help our school become an outstanding Catholic college.

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