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Patron Saints for SEND


St Joseph of Cupertino

Feast day: 18th September

St. Joseph was born in 1603 at Cupertino, in Italy. After spending his childhood and adolescence in simplicity and innocence, he finally joined the Franciscan Friars. After his ordination to the holy priesthood, he devoted his life to Christ and his church. His deep devotion led him to the kind of holiness which is forged through humility and obedience. He was consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and promoted devotion to her among all classes of people as wonderful path to a deeper Christian life and love for Jesus Christ. Having a learning disability did not stop St Joseph from achieving his dreams, and his dedication and hard work allowed him to join the Franciscan Friars.

St. Dymphna

Feast Day: 30th May

St Dymphna is recognized as a patron for those suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD and bipolar disorder.

St Dymphna was born in Ireland sometime in the seventh century to a Pagan father and devout Christian mother. When she was fourteen, she consecrated herself to Christ and took a vow of chastity. Soon afterward, her mother died and her father - who had loved his wife deeply - began to suffer a rapid deterioration of his mental stability. Dymphna built a hospital for the poor and sick, using her wealth.

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