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MAC - Maths Across the Curriculum


St Damian’s Launch MAC Initiative

Maths Across the Curriculum (MAC) continues to grow from strength to strength. It is a new initiative aimed at recognising, rewarding and promoting good numeracy skills in all subjects.

Numeracy focuses on some of the basic skills important in life – simple addition, division, multiplication etc are used by everyone on a daily basis to buy things, to manage bank accounts etc. We also use other skills associated with “being numerate” such as problem solving, estimation, proportion, working with scale, money, exchange rates etc. MAC aims to ensure that these skills are all taught consistently and effectively across the school.


MAC Ambassadors

In addition to pupils who were MAC Ambassadors last year, we have selected a new group from YR7 (see photograph). A number of pupils have been selected within each year group to become MAC Ambassadors. Their role is to offer other pupils in non-maths subjects, help with any of the MAC skills required in that topic. Maths is used extensively in Science, Geography, Technology, Art and other less obvious subjects. If MAC Ambassadors see pupils or teachers using good MAC skills, they can nominate the individual for a coverted MAC badge. Three blue badges qualify for a gold badge and three gold badges qualifies for a £50 voucher!

If you see your child wearing a MAC badge, please praise them for their excellent work using Maths in non maths subjects.

Form Time Numeracy

Pupils have been provided a numeracy booklet to complete in form time that supplements their teaching in maths lessons. Form Tutors provide these booklets once a week so that pupils can practice basic numeracy skills. In addition, pupils are challenged with “Number Magic” tricks and “estimation questions” for them to discuss and develop key number skills. Do you know how many toilet sheets are in a typical toilet roll?. 


Support Staff Celebrate

The School Support team receiving their MAC badges for recognition of the immense and critical numerate work they do to support the school and governors. What a brilliant team. We are lucky to have them at St Damian’s.

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