Our College Uniform

A high standard of dress is expected of all children at St. Damian's. The basic rules below are based on what is felt to be suitable and practical for a working day in College. Parents choosing St Damian's will be expected to comply with the uniform code and will be asked to sign a uniform contract.

1. Leisure clothes such as trainers, fashion boots, tee-shirts etc. are not allowed.

2. No jewellery is to be worn apart from a watch.

3. Make-up, nail polish etc. should not be worn in College.

4. Outdoor coats should be Plain Black or Dark Navy (High Visibility reflectors are permitted), coats must not be worn inside the college building.

5. Students are not allowed to wear hoodies in school.

6. 'Cult' hairstyles, e.g. shaven heads and dyed hair are not permissible. Hair should be a natural looking colour.

N.B. Expensive personal equipment (including mobile phones) is FORBIDDEN.

Uniform List of Year 7, 8 & 9 pupils

> Outdoor coats should be Plain Black or Dark Navy (high visibility reflectors are permitted)
> Plain black shoes only (footwear which sits on the ankle or above is deemed unsuitable)
> Plain black ankle socks or heavyweight plain black tights
> Black blazer and College badge (compulsory)
> Blue shirt-necked blouse/shirt
> Grey jumper with school stripes (compulsory)
> College tie- Clip on ties (compulsory)
> Black pleated skirt of modest length*(approximately 2 inches above the knee)
> Black trousers (boys only)
> Aprons (White - Food Technology) (Unbleached calico - Technology)

PE – Boys

> White Polo Shirt *(with College Logo)
> Plain Navy P.E. Shorts *(with College Logo)
> Navy Football Socks
> Reversible blue & white football shirt *(with College Logo)
> Football Boots
> Training Shoes
> Navy tracksuit bottoms
> Navy fleece (optional)

PE – Girls

> White Polo Shirt *(with College Logo)
> Plain Navy P.E. Shorts *(with College Logo)
> Navy fleece (optional)
> Navy tracksuit bottoms
> Training Shoes

* Plain sports clothing is acceptable as only ONE item with College Logo is required for representing the college for sporting events

Years 10 & 11
As Above apart from:
> Black Jumper (compulsory)
> White Shirt
> Blazers are now compulsory throughout years 10 & 11


The College's approved style of skirt is supplied only by the following stockists who can also supply other items of uniform:-

1. M.C.S Stores Schoolwear, 32 Market Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne OL6 6ER Tel: 0161 339 9845

2. Monkhouse School Wear, 27 Union Street, Oldham OL1 1XS Tel: 0161 627 0417

3. Panache, 90 Market Street, Droylsden Tel: 0161 301 5570

4. School Days, The School Shop, 82 Old Street, Ashton Under Lyne Tel: 0161 343 2900