Student Support Officer: Inclusion

The Student Support Officer at the College, is in school to provide welfare/nurture support for a range of students, particularly the vulnerable children.  she concentrates on the social and emotional well being of each student ensuring their needs are met and they are in a position to access their learning.

Her aim is for every individual to thrive, achieve and develop both socially and academically to give them the skills and qualifications for life after St Damian’s RC Science College.

Parental/Student Support:

I strive to develop home/College links and am looking forward to working both with you and your child.  If either you or child has a specific concern that is affecting welfare/academic progress staff are on hand to offer support and advice.

SSO Sign Post

Progress in a specific subject /academic progress contact:

· Curriculum Leader· Subject Teacher
· Head of Year

 General  advice as to your child’s well being:

·  Form Tutor / Head of Year
·  Student Support Officer (usually upon referral)

External Agency Support:

 As Student Support Officer I co-ordinate the external agencies within the College that also offer invaluable support, for example;

· Health Mentor
· School Nurse
· School Counsellor

Mind Logo


Tameside, Oldham and Glossop MIND is an innovative and dynamic organisation that provides helpful services promoting the well-being and improvement of the mental health of our clients.  We have been around for over 30 years and our mission in life is to simply offer a service that’s best-in-class. We do this by providing a regularly refreshed and diverse range of activities and services that promote psychological and physical well-being, stimulating recovery and leading to people returning to a positive and active life in society and generally feeling much better.  1 in 4 of us will need help and support with our mental health at some point in our lives, so if you feel like you might be one of them, or know someone who’s struggling, you’ve come to the right place.

Schools Resilience and Mental Health Awareness

MIND schools projects continue to build momentum by delivering bespoke workshops on resilience to groups of students and training for staff and parents.  At St Damian’s R.C. Science College MIND have delivered four Resilience workshops to Year 11 students focusing on relaxation techniques. These were really well received by students and staff, creating a completely relaxed and silent classroom. They took students through a short inventory of how they relax and then shared ideas on how they can improve the quality of their relaxation. They then practised different tried and tested stress relief methods such as breathing techniques, progressive muscle relaxation and focussed listening to music. The feedback was very positive sharing thoughtful comments such as;

“I enjoyed the music and having the chance to just stop and take stock of myself”

“I found the breathing exercises and relaxation for before going to sleep the most helpful”

“I thought the most helpful part was learning how to relax and deal with anxiety better”


One of the issues students highlighted  as a barrier to their well-being was healthy sleep habits.  Caffeinated drinks, long nights spent on social media and being exposed to artificial light though electronic screens such as computers all further compound their ability to fall sleep and sleep well.  They therefore incorporated advice on quality sleep into their talks and workshops.  Also the national Mind website has some great tips on how to improve your sleep if you would like to learn more.