Our lottery gives support to the college by raising funds which benefit the pupils in all areas of the curriculum.  In the past the funds raised have  (over £10,000) to help the college successfully apply  for Science Specialist Status and have helped purchase equipment for  the PE department, a piano for the Music  department, various text books  for different departments and reference books for the library, plus a range of other items.

How you can help !

The college lottery is  a very valuable source of income. The lottery is drawn every month. There is a major prize of £100 and two minor prizes of £25 each.  Every penny of profit made will be used to directly benefit pupils. Obviously the more members we have, the more profit we make. The more members there are, the more we can put into prize money.

Should you wish to join, please download and complete standing order mandate that has been partly filled in to save you time. You are required to complete the personal details on this form and return it directly to the college

Download in PDF format here


Recent Lottery Winners

Sep-18 Prizes Amounts Winning Numbers Winning Names
FIRST PRIZE £100 113 Mrs J Zachs
SECOND PRIZES £50 70 Mr M Ritson
THIRD PRIZE £25 111 Mrs B Burrows
Oct-18 FIRST PRIZE £100 282 Mrs L Crawford
SECOND PRIZES £50 181 Mrs A Bridgehouse
THIRD PRIZE £25 7 Ms V Cullen
Nov-18 FIRST PRIZE £100 226 Mrs M McKenna
SECOND PRIZES £50 14 Mrs L McKay
THIRD PRIZE £25 9 Mrs L Allsop
Dec-18 FIRST PRIZE £100 272 Mrs L Crawford
SECOND PRIZES £50 276 Mr S Hargreaves
THIRD PRIZE £25 148 Mrs M Clegg
Jan-19 FIRST PRIZE £100 123 Mrs P 0wens
SECOND PRIZES £50 247 Mrs L Tracey
THIRD PRIZE £25 206 Mr Anish Chacko
Feb-19 FIRST PRIZE £100 128 Mr J Smith
SECOND PRIZES £50 60 Mrs J Thomas
THIRD PRIZE £25 33 Mrs A McGinn
Mar-19 FIRST PRIZE £100 15 Mrs A Pilling
SECOND PRIZES £50 269 Mrs K Fullen
THIRD PRIZE £25 202 Mr D Calderbank
Apr-19 FIRST PRIZE £100 193 Mrs L Ogden
SECOND PRIZES £50 261 Mrs S Yates
THIRD PRIZE £25 312 Mrs K Barrow
May-19 FIRST PRIZE £100 64 Mr M Ritson
SECOND PRIZES £50 265 Mrs C Shaw
THIRD PRIZE £25 218 Ms S Crosby
Jun-19 FIRST PRIZE £100 195 Mrs M Matley
SECOND PRIZES £50 52 Mrs N Baker
THIRD PRIZE £25 202 Mrs J Fogo