Welcome to Year 10

R Battaglia 1Year 10 is a really important and exciting year as your child begins their GCSE and BTEC courses, and already Year 10 have made an extremely positive start to their KS4 journey, building good relationships with teachers and peers and developing an excellent attitude to their studies.

To ensure your child reaches their full potential, the Year 10 Pastoral Team are committed to supporting both the well-being and academic progress of each individual in Year 10.

Mrs R Battaglia - Head of Year 10



The Pastoral Team for Year 10 is:

Mrs R Battaglia - Head of Year 10

Form Tutors:

Mr J O'Loughlin 10JON
Miss S Butterworth 10SBH
Miss S Beeley 10SBY
Dr N Mitchell 10NML
Mrs E Marshall
Miss O Price 10OPE
Ms S Cleminson 10SCN
  • Year 10 Form Tutors are your first point of contact with school, regarding pastoral and progress issues.



Our CHEMISTRY BLOG is available for Year 10 core studying C1 and C2

Year 10 Study And Revision Club

STAR club runs every Thursday from 3.25 to 4.25pm and gives your child an opportunity to focus on their independent learning in different subjects, with specialist support available in English and Maths each week and access to the library and IT facilities.

Controlled Assessments

Controlled Assessments are an extremely important part of Year 10. They form a large percentage of many GCSE and BTEC courses. For some subjects it is 25% of the total GCSE result and for other subjects as high as 60%.

All Year 10 pupils will be completing Controlled Assessments this year in different subject areas. Controlled assessment is the new form of internal assessment. It is a great opportunity for our pupils to develop a range of additional skills in different subjects and to earn a percentage of their GCSE grade even before they sit their final exams. With hard work, care and following their teachers’ advice, it is possible to achieve very high marks.

Your child will need to prepare well for Controlled Assessments.  To help your child manage their time effectively, a copy of our Controlled Assessment calendar is available in the Year 10 Parents Information Booklet.

You can find our more important information at our Year 10 Induction Evening;

If you have any further questions or queries please contact the school on the above telephone number.